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October PTA Minutes



Northern Heights Elementary PTA

General Membership Meeting

October 18th, 2016


Welcome and Introductions: Toni Ladner

Meeting Called to order at 6:31 by Toni Ladner

Guest Speaker Luke Wiesner introduced.


In Attendance

Toni Ladner, Sabrina Yarsley, Megan Peterson, Melissa Brummer, Annique Quinn, Erin Swanda, Alma Baker, Brittany Nick, Sjana MacSwan Pam Pottle, Julie Fife, Liz Devries, Ayn Witman, Mia Srotheidl, Moniue Alarca, Meredith Mitchell, Jacey Wheeler, Roxanne McCloud, Krissy Norton, Teresa Bowers, Kristin Jowett, Sharon Newbold


Guest Speaker-Luke Wiesner, Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center

WDRC-Normalize and transform the way conflict is viewed and change it from adversarial event. New class available Parent/Teenager resolution and mediation “Keep Calm, Parent On”. Can be brought back for a full parent meeting if the school is interested. Prof. Kate McLean, Ph.D (Psychology Professor at WWU) teaches the class. When we are de-escalated we are able to better de-escalate others.


Review/Vote of September General Meeting Minutes

Forgot to print, will be voted on at next meeting.


Treasurer Report- Annique Quinn and Meredith Mitchell

Renewed movie license for classroom and movie night activities. Taxes paid this year. Scholarhip requests for afternoon enrichment are up. Teachers were encouraged to use their stipends this year to supplement supplies they would normally pay for themselves. More activity will happen next month from the Husky Run.


Husky Run Update-Jacey Wheeler

School goal was $25K and we passed it. Dunking will take place on Friday by top 10 earners of the school. As of today we are at $30K. We have $4K in sponsorship money that was used for prizes for the kids. Kids worked really hard to earn their pledges  and we had 68% participation. Kids are understanding what “participation” is and were fantastic. Prizes go home on Friday. Movie showing is November 5th.


Membership Report-Jacey Wheeler for Joe Fisher

Currently 86 Members, goal of 130.


Book Fair Update- Jacey Wheeler/Jessica Sidhu

Jacey Wheeler was the original chair but Jessica Sidhu will be taking over. Book Fair will run from November 17th to November 22nd. Alex Zerbe will be here for a magic show (Husky Run reward).


Box Tops- Sjana MacSwan

Total- 7,046 Box Tops total. $704.60 dollars in revenue. Any leftover box tops should be saved for Spring drive. Make sure box tops dates are not expired.




Yearbook-Sharon Newbold

Sharon needs help with the school yearbook. New people help creativity. Yearbook price is going up $1 and we are reconsidering doing a cheaper ($8) yearbook instead. Possibility of using budget surplus to cut the costs or  fundraising. Sharon would like to sign a contract so we can begin working on it ASAP. Toni suggests bringing this back to the next meeting with the final decision.


4th Grade Committee- Erin Swanda

Poinsettia fundraiser, options are $8, $12, $22. All orders are due November 3rd, Deliveries will be December 2nd. Each kid needs to sell 8 to pay for the adventure field trip and excess will go into the 5th grade fund to pay for the end of year activities.


Board Report-Upcoming Events

Husky Run Assembly 10/21

Pumpkin Carving Night: 10/27- Free Family Night (BYOPumpkin and tools) also mini pumpkins will be available to decorate if you don’t want to carve. Cider and Cookies. You leave the mess and we clean up. FREE TO ALL NH FAMILIES

Vision & Hearing Screening: 10/31 & 11/1


Principal Update- Mrs. Pottle

Staff Learning Days are a benefit of starting school early. The staff looked at growth and progress in relationship to student reading development. They identified kids who need extra help and how to support them as well as kids that are advanced and how to help them continue to excel. Worked on connections between kids and staff relationships and how to deepen the bonds between the new students and developing better relationships.


Safety Zone at drop off and pick offs at school is an issue. Drop off is a two lanes, not three.. Speed limit is 10 MPH. Cell phones in the parking lot is a terrible idea, be viligant.


Parent Teacher Confrences begin 10/28 through Thanksgiving every Thursday. Please schedule with your student’s teacher. November 10th will be an evening conference day up until 7 PM.


PAC Update- Sharon Newbold

Each month new topics are discussed and anyone else can attend. Next meeting is 10/20 at Happy Valley Elementary at 9:30 AM.



Staff\ Days- What are the options for child care? Day Drop Ins?

The Y on Fridays

The Firs

The SportsPlex

Can we send out a flyer? District put a hault on sending flyer home but we can publisize it on our FB page.


Meeting adjourned at 7:58 PM




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