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Northern Heights Elementary PTA

General Membership Meeting

September 20th, 2016


Opening Co-President Toni Ladner

Toni called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM and welcomed attendees. Each board member introduced themselves.


In Attendance

Melissa Yuryevich, Annique Quinn, Erin Swanda, Sabrina Yarsley, Megan Peterson, Ashleigh Martin, Toni Ladner, Dana Hansen, Kristin Jowett, Stephanie Dyer, Alexandra Liglin, Brittany Nick, Liz DeVries, Laura Hinds, Juni Fife, Tarra Hollins, Ayn Witman, Brandon Witman, April Schoessler, Meredith Mitchell, Jacey Wheeler, Roxanne McCloud, Shanon Neubold, Krissy Norton, Christopher Baker


Guest Speaker: Hale Hanaway (Asst. Principal) and New Teacher Introductions

New Teachers:

Ashleigh Martin- This is her 3rd year teaching at Northern Heights but first in a full time position.

Beth Eide- Works with the AIMS program (Access In the Mainstream Setting) to integrate autistic students into the main classroom setting. She is shared between NH and two other schools.

Corrine Nelson- Speech Language Pathologist in the school district. She is here 3 days a week (MTW) and email is the best way to contact her if you have concerns about your child’s speech development.

Sandra Simon-AIMS Speech Language Pathologist, she will be here on Wednesdays.

Emily Watrous- She is job sharing with Mrs. Potter in 1st grade.


PBI: Positive Behavior Intervention Support

The school has introduced a HUSKY HONOR program to reinforce positive behavior for the 85% of the school that does not fall into the top two tiers of intervention support. Research by The Gottman Institute supports positive reinforcement of behavior which is what this program is based off. Every week there is an all school assembly to go over expectations of behavior. More information is available for families at home through Mrs. Shaw will continue to teach Kelso’s Choices.



Jacey Wheeler explained what the meeting minutes are and how the approval process works.

The minutes from the May 17th, 2016 General Meeting were approved as presented. Motion by Erin Swanda, second by Sabrina Yarsley.




Treasurer Update-Meredith Mitchell and Annique Quinn

Meredith Mitchell explained that the Husky Run is our main fundraiser for the year. Reports at PTA meetings reflect the prior month. Treasurer Report as of August 31, 2016: Main Checking $24,905.00   Savings: $26,388.35   Savings (Fundraiser Surplus) $9,287.04   SCRIP Checking  $1,680.78  TOTAL: $62,801.17


Annique Quinn explained a new practice for the PTA that in the future fundraiser surplus will be set aside for large projects (IE playground equipment, field upgrades, school garden). We now have 4 bank accounts, the main checking, SCRIP checking, saving, and the surplus account.


SCRIP program is shut down right now because the Husky Run has done so well in the past. The money in the SCRIP checking was moved to savings to earn interest. If anyone would like to chair the SCRIP program it can continue in a more streamlined process.


Box Tops

Last year’s box top drive earned $810. These funds were used to purchase the new buddy bench on the playground near the Kindergarten rooms. This year’s drive has already begun and the reward will be a Hot Cocoa Party. Box tops are collected twice a year. This drive will end on October 14th.


Husky Run-Jacey Wheeler

This year’s run is on September 23rd. After the run the process of prizes and counting money begins. The run times have been switched this year to accommodate the Kinder/1st graders. 4th and 5th at 9:15 AM, 2nd and 3rd at 10:45 AM, K and 1st at 1:20 PM.  We are short on volunteers currently, please sign up if you are able. As of today we only have 4-5 parents for each session.  This year there will be 6 stations with signs and the new tally system was explained. Pledges are due on October 10th. Prizes will go home on October 21st. Mr. Hannaway will be dunked a tank if the school reaches the fundraising goal of $25,000. The large prize will be an early showing of the movie Trolls on November 5th. All children will be given a prize box this year on prize hand out day. Next year is looking for a new chair for the Husky Run.


Enrichment-Laura Hines

This is Laura’s 4th year as coordinator and she is ready to step down and for a new coordinator to take over. This year all Enrichment Coordinators from the district met at the district to set guidelines for programs. Effective immediately all programs need their own liability insurance. We can help with finding it for them, from what we have seen it is about $135 a year. Registration is becoming an issue, we have tried multiple methods (flyers, emails, website) but we still miss people who want to do it. We need to figure out the best method for people to sign up. Please like NHPTA’s Facebook page and give us your email address so we can send this info to you.


New Enrichments this year: Chess, Fiber Arts, Martial Arts, Jr. Fit, Guitar, Yoga, Neighborhood Nature (Wild Whatcom), Girls on the Run, EduArts-BAAY Theatre-Jill and the Beanstalk, and Tennis. We have noticed an uptake in scholarship and financial aid requests and we need to rework the forms and policy on deciding what applies. The aid budget was raised from $300 to $1000.


Memebership-Jacey Wheeler rep. Joe Fishier

There are 65 members so far, last year at this time we were at 70. Last year we had 127 members and our goal for this year is 130. Membership comes with a free school directory.


Yearbook and PACS-Sharon Neubold

PACS-Parent advisory committee is with Superintendent Greg Baker. A representative from each school attends a monthly meeting with him. We need one more person. The first meeting is set for September 22nd at the school district office.


Yearbook- A new chair is needed this year. We are looking into ways to for easy picture uploading availble to all people.


4th Grade Committee-Annique Quinn

Pointsetta fundriasing from Van Wingerdeen gardens funds the adventure trip to study marine life. Parents can opt out of selling Pointsettas by paying the fee. Left over funds are used to pay for 5th grade activities (ie field trip, end of year parties, ect.) Pick up will be in December and orders will begin in the 2nd or 3rd week of October. Please join the Northern Heights CLASS OF 2025 facebook page.


5th Grade Committee-Krissy Norton

June 2nd is the all school track meet. They are setting a meeting up for 5th grade activities and to discuss year end celebration events. Please join the 5th grade facebook page NHE CLASS OF 2024.



September 30th- Picture Day

October 27th- Pumpkin Carving Night

October 26th-28th- 5th Grade Mt. School


Committee Chair Openings

Books and Breakfast- There are 4 books and breakfast scheduled for the year but we need a chair. Roxanne McCloud volunteered for the chair position for the 2016-2017 school year.



*How can we publicize the school wide events the best way?

After discussion it was decided the newsletter was the best way to get information out to the general school.

*Can we have a school garden?

Common threads has a school program and a contact named Laura would love to help us get a program going at NH. Concerns: Can we get the teachers on board with a school garden? Funding? Mr Hale would like a greenhouse and/or a garden. There are lots of programs in the community to help with setting up a garden such as Lowes, Home Depot, Common Threads and Whole Foods grants. Could we use the fundriaser surplus to help with costs? Coordination with the disctrict a major concern.


Ayn Witman volunteered to spearhead the possible Garden Committee.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 PM