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World Language Program-Spanish Language Instruction

IB Spanish GraphicSpanish is taught to all students, Kindergarten through fifth grade. Program design and implementation is a reflection of teacher, student and parent input. Program details follow:

Philosophy: The World Language Program at Northern Heights is philosophically aligned with that of the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language (ACTFL). It is recognized that language and communication are central to human existence, as is the importance of developing proficiency in the mother tongue and at least one additional language. Learning any language involves much more than the ability to simply speak and converse with others.  Students must also develop cross-cultural understanding, apply varied language skills across cultures and disciplines, and integrate languages within their communities.

Above image from ACTFL, Standards for Foreign Language Learning

Curriculum:  Curriculum standards are those established by ACTFL; communication, cultures, connections, comparisons and community. Students engage in learning experiences that develop knowledge and skills in each of these five standards.

Instruction:  Classroom instruction is provided by a certificated Spanish teacher who meets with students weekly. A sequentially based curriculum is delivered through direct instruction, a TPR approach, story-telling and music.  Opportunities for students to listen, speak, read, write, and engage in projects and performances using Spanish are embedded during language instructional time and throughout the school day. Classroom environments also reflect Spanish language learning through posted vocabulary, cultural artifacts and available literature.

Instructional Resources:   A variety of instructional resources are used to support Spanish Instruction. These include the Teach Them Spanish and Cuentame TPRS materials.  Supplemental resources available to students and their families include Reading A-Z-Spanish version (primary grade students only), varied Spanish-English library resources and additional materials as contributed by students and our school community. Locally purchased materials, games, literature and music will serve as the core resource for kindergarten and 1st grade students.